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Bees are among the most complex organisms which can be discovered in the world. They were producing structures before man ever did. They’ve a huge population (where most have their needs met) of about 70,000 bees before man created a tribe. Even today, it could be argued that bee society is better organized than human culture.

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They can’t live alone. A bee with no hive is a dead bee. Within the hive, they’ve specialized tasks. There is not any bee without one. Even drones, which can be specialized for just one task, will take up other tasks, like cooling the hive, if needed. They realize that their survival depends on the survival of the colony. A colony of bees consists of a single queen, hundreds of drones and tens of thousands of workers.

Men did not christen the queen lightly. She’s the most important member of a hive. Her survival ensures the longevity of this colony. Her objective is simple; she lays the eggs of the upcoming generation. The vast quantities of worker bees are infertile. She only wants to mate once. Or rather, she only needs a single mating period. She is able to mate with several drones at the time. Her mating period lasts just for a couple of days. After mating with up to 15 drones, she’ll keep their sperm inside of her. Every now then she will release it in order to fertilize her eggs. A vigorous queen can lay up to 2 thousand new eggs a day. Most queens live for two to three decades. However, some have been recorded to live for up to 7 years.

The Worker. The worker bee is the all-important base of the hive. Without them, the colony will fall apart. They do most of the tasks in the colony. All day the humble worker goes to seal the honey, feed the drones, raise young bees and bees, attend the queen, build honeycombs, shop pollen, propolize, remove dead ants and larvae, cool the hive, guard, carry water and forage. They don’t do all these tasks simultaneously, naturally. Workers mature in 21 days and live for about six weeks. For each age in their lifetime, they are tasked with particular jobs. By way of example, guarding the colony is accomplished by the earliest and biggest workers.

The poor male bee. Contrary to the queen and the worker they’re hatched from unfertilized eggs. Drones have it hard. They are the butt monkeys of bee society. When times are tough and food is scarce, the workers drive the drones away because they are only useful for something, to mate with the queen.

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