Manatees in FL

What’s a Manatee? They’re dark and wrinkly with hardly any hair. Their two little flippers in their upper body are utilised to help them eat and to steer when they float. There are nails in their flippers to help them dig if you are searching for food.

They are extremely unique creatures. It’s said that manatees were land dwelling animals and that about 50 million years ago they left land to the sea. They continue to breathe air, but gradually developed their own bodies for life in the water.

Although manatees are extremely large they are among the gentlest creatures. These stunning animals are very much compromised. A whole lot of this is do to boating accidents, but there are quite a few different reasons for their decreasing numbers that are all mostly because of humans.

Manatee Marine Animals Sea Water Ocean End

Manatees might not be as amazing as mermaids but the gentle, fun loving mammals are amazing in their own right. Nevertheless he told his friends that these”mermaids” weren’t as beautiful as he’d seen in paintings.

If you would take some opportunity to get to actually understand these magnificent animals you couldn’t help but fall in love with them as I have.

There are lots of different avenues you can take if you want to help save these magnificent creatures. It is possible to adopt a manatee, contribute to a charity, and help keep our oceans clean are among a number of them.

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